Nuggets (2)

As I was reviewing my own past writings, mostly I found them amusing. (Sometimes I cringed). But there was one post called “Nuggets” that I still found to be  as relevant today. It seemed to have endured some time, and the changes in my life as well. It did attract criticism as having an “idealistic” tone, but it is still as true (and not idealistic) for me as other values can be for others.

Some Nuggets again:- (lets see how long or well these last – at least for me)

1)  Taking a tough decision is not easy. But to live the consequences of the decision everyday is tough. To fight self-doubt (or to give in without fighting it),  to fight all the “What Ifs” that suddenly spring on the mind (or to give in to them), to fight the negativity, despair and lack of hope (or to give in to them), during the phase of living the decision, is tough.

An IIMB Prof once said – the real test for sticking to a value, is – when you pay a huge price for it. Do you want to win the real test, and pay the  huge price?  Or lose the test, and save the price for something else that you may find worthy later?  Truth is, one never knows without taking the plunge.  And still, one might not know 🙂

2) There are no fool-proof decisions. Ever. Ever. Ever.  The unexpected always pops its head out, as a variable that we did not consider.  Then we factor that in future decisions, and something else pops up.  And then we factor on and on.  The plus side is, there are unexpected variables popping out, that have nice outcomes too.

3) It is very important to have lesser time in our hands, than the things one can manage with that time – because then only we will prioritize and end up doing the things that are important. Freedom with time, quite paradoxically makes one lose the value of both time, and the things that can be done with it.

4) Never lose sight of your basic beliefs of life.  Recall them when you are fine, and positive NOW. The beliefs themselves can be simple, complex, experiential, moralistic or anything. But having them is what makes you, you. Knowing that you have some basic things that external factors cannot destroy can itself be a superb guiding force.

When you are low, and the beliefs forgotten at the conscious level, they will come back at another level to help.

Like they have now, to me.


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  1. satbir said,

    April 8, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Good one!

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