The kick of being at home

Remaining in India was an important criteria for me during the search for my life-partner. Obviously it was an important criteria for my life partner-to-be also 🙂

I have asked my husband what do we really do for our country even when we are living here? Its not as if we are making path breaking contributions or anything.  My husband’s answer was interesting – our “being here” itself is a contribution to the many less privileged people around us.

Very true.

We provide direct salaried employment/ livelihood to our maid, cook and car cleaner. We provide turnover to many tiny scale vendors – milk, vegetable, newspaper, fruits, ironing, carpenter, and plumber.  Plus business to slightly larger establishments – grocery stores, medical stores, and hardware stores. Plus some stakeholders get added in the consideration set for distribution of used articles and clothing viz. – garbage wali  and watchmen.

Indirect impact on the following are not even considered:- (1) impersonal service providers – like taxis and autos. (Sometimes these also get personal – one tends to identify one’s usual taxi wala etc).  (2) the numerous malls, shops, and restaurants where we splurge money but only a fraction reaches the less privileged.

Mostly I am at a loss as to WHOM to give away used clothing and articles. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone of the above vendors/ direct service providers who are critical to ensure the smooth running of our home and hence our lives.  I have the mobile numbers of most of the above people. Some of them also have mine. I admire the integrity and professionalism with which most of them work.  They toil so that their children are educated, and some of them hopefully will become as privileged like us.

I am always surprised at the response I get when I ask them – “do you think this used article/ clothing will be useful to you?”. I have ALWAYS got a YES for an answer.

When we shifted house from Dadar to Kalina, I said goodbye to all my old vendors. Our cook and maid were MOST affected and sad because they would lose employment probably for a few months until they found the next house that would suit their timing (the cook had very small children to care for).

Compare this with a standard response that an Indian migrated to US gives – they feel proud of doing all housework themselves.  Dearies – there is indeed a kick in providing livelihood that remains to be discovered !! Outsourcing obviously reduces work, but it also re-distributes income.

Whether we know it or not, we (educated and earning “global Indians”) are really useful out here in our country !!


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