Marriage, it is said, is a process of discovering, and learning about your spouse every single day

Wrong. Actually, marriage is a process of discovering oneself. I was fooling myself into believing that I knew myself. My own reactions in various situations over the past year have been shocking revelations to me. Many of my “theories” and “beliefs” about myself have been proved wrong. I have still not stopped getting surprised with my reactions and startling revelations that follow. On the contrary, I have been “less surprised” with my husband’s reactions, and they are more or less consistent, considering I know him for a shorter span of time than I know myself 🙂

Being with family/ friends is one thing, sharing a life with someone day in and out is quite another. Though there are no major “character- level” differences, there are huge differences in “degree” in some aspects as I see myself now. Of course, I am thankful for the ability to “spot” this dichotomy – which inherently is difficult to see because we tend to be masked by our ego/ get carried away by the “present-ness” of the moment. The revelations about myself have come as a bang later on, after the moment has actually passed.

(“Oh !!!! So this is what is actually more important to me is it? – and not this other thing – that I thought would be !! Now that’s, news!!” – types)


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